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Marsden Chimney & Masonry Repair Services

Chimney Repair

Breath new life into your chimney with the help of Marsden Chimney & Masonry Repair—the region’s leading chimney repair company. From chimney pointing to rebuilding and everything in between, we offer fast, affordable, and reliable repair services. Enjoy your fireplace or stove without having a second thought about the condition of the chimney.

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Stucco Installation

Looking for high-quality stucco work from trained experts? We’ll give you the top-notch work you need at prices that can’t be beat. Plus, we’ll give you the friendly smiles and good attitudes that you need to make the experience a good one.

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Stucco Repair

Need safe, efficient, and reliable stucco work by trained and skilled experts? We’re more than just contractors—we’re committed and dedicated professionals who make it our business to give you attractive, sturdy, and long-lasting stucco repairs.

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Masonry Construction

Solidity, permanence, and strength are just a few of the qualities your construction will project when it’s completed with masonry. Regardless of your upcoming project’s scale, building it with masonry means you are investing in its sustained future.

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Masonry Repair

As time goes on, stone and brick will eventually start to degrade. In the event that your residential or commercial property’s masonry has begun to show signs of wear, don’t panic. Just give Marsden Chimney & Masonry Repair a call and we’ll be glad to fix it up for you.

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Masonry Restoration

Things built with masonry are renowned for their ability to stand tall and proud for centuries, but sometimes they can only do so with a little love from a trained mason. If you own a historic building or your brick or stone is simply looking a little worse for wear, our masons can restore it to its original glory.

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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall has the tough, thankless job of holding back tons of soil so that your property’s landscape can be more functional. Given the amount of pressure retaining walls must endure, make sure it is ready to perform against the elements and let our masons build you a rock-solid one.

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Stucco Services

Need stucco work that’s safe, attractive, affordable and convenient? We’re a team of highly skilled, extensively trained, and most of all, dedicated experts with everything it takes to handle all your stucco needs.

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Foundation Repair

Your business or home foundation is the most important feature of your property. As soon as you start noticing signs of potential foundation issues, it’s best to contact the certified foundation repair contractors at Marsden Chimney & Masonry Repair. We offer all-inclusive repair services to solve any foundation issues. With our contractors by your side, you never have to worry about the stability and safety of your property.

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Masonry Services

Marsden Chimney & Masonry Repair is proud to offer a wide variety of commercial and residential masonry services to clients in the area. We can assist you with the construction, repair or restoration of virtually any structure made out of brick, block, stone or concrete. Whether it’s decorative or integral, just give us a call, tell us what you need and we will be glad to give you a free quote.

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Stone Sealing

Retain the condition and appearance of your natural stone with Marsden Chimney & Masonry Repair. As specialists in stone restoration and maintenance, our team has the expertise and resources to provide dependable sealing to a wide range of natural stone surfaces.

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Small Paving Stones

There is so much that can be done using high-quality paving stones. Whether you are looking to design and construct an elaborate custom patio or a base to a garbage pail fence enclosure, Marsden Chimney & Masonry Repair is here to help.

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Stone Restoration

At Marsden Chimney & Masonry Repair, we pride ourselves on being able to restore and repair a wide range of natural stone types. Even the most damaged or dated stone surface is no challenge to our workmanship.

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